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Teacher Tammy Cundey » Ms. Cundey's Resource Classroom

Ms. Cundey's Resource Classroom

Student's Teacher Links                                                            
       Ms. Cundey's Schedule
8:10-8:40            Morning Duty
8:45-9:45            4th Math Coteaching
                           with Ms. Hodell
9:45-10:30          Planning
10:30-11:15        5th ELA Coteaching
                           with Ms. Dye
11:15-11:50        5th Science Coteaching
                           with Ms. Rittwage
11:50-12:20        Lunch
12:30-1:15          4th ELA during IE
1:15-2:00            5th Math during IE
                           with Ms. Thomas
2:00-3:30           4th/5th ELA
                          Core Replacement
3:40-4:10           Afternoon Duty